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Meghan Markle’s Friend Defends the Duchess’ Christmas Card

Probably unsurprisingly, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are being criticized again. This time over a Christmas card.

The Daily Mail claimed that the card was Photoshopped to really show off Markle’s face. Markle’s friend Janina Gavankar, who took the photo, snapped into action and responded to The Daily Mail in an Instagram post.

“So proud to have taken the Christmas photo for one of my best friends and her family. Here’s the original that was sent out (cropped to fit IG). …and to The Mail, I see your campaign against my friend continues. Nice photoshop of my non-photoshopped image. Now may we all get back to the spirit of Christmas and not the spirit of maliciousness.”

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Image via Access.

GOP Takes Out Fox News Ad Against Trump

The GOP organization’s latest ad, which aired on Fox News, took Trump’s comments from the past about corruption and turned them against him.

The commercial was in response to the news that the G7 Summit will be held at the president’s golf course in Miami. Republicans for the Rule of Law took out the ad, which shows the ways the president has prospered during his presidency.

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Image via Business Insider.

Kim Kardashian Get Baptized With Her Children in Armenian Cathedral

Kim Kardashian West and her children were baptized in an Armenian cathedral last week.

She wrote on Twitter about the experience: “Thank you Armenia for such a memorable trip. So blessed to have been baptized along with my babies at Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenia’s main cathedral which is sometimes referred to as the Vatican of the Armenian Apostolic Church. This church was built in 303 AD.”

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Image via Metro UK.

Shakira and J-Lo to Perform at 2020 Super Bowl Halftime

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have both announced that they will be performing at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show.

Shakira tweeted the news, saying, “It doesn’t get any bigger than this! So excited about getting on that stage! @JLo

While J-Lo kept it to a simple: “This is happening. 02.02.20”

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Image via CNN.

Mick Jagger Slams Trump for Removing Environmental Protections

Mick Jagger spoke out at the Venice Fim Festival to call out Donald Trump’s poor environmental record.

When asked about a protest at the film festival by climate activists, Jagger said, “I’m absolutely behind that. I’m glad they’re doing that because they’re the ones that are going to inherit the planet.”

“We are in a very difficult situation at the moment, especially in the U.S., where all the environmental controls that were put in place — that perhaps were just about adequate … have been rolled back by the current administration so much that they are all being wiped out,” he said.

“The U.S., which should be the world leader in environmental control, has lost that and has decided to go the other way,” Jagger continued.

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Image via  Billboard.